The American Association of University Women of Laguna Beach

(AAUW-LB), a 501(c)4 organization founded in 1967, is a dynamic growing organization with many exciting programs, interest groups and opportunities to get involved in the community. Our diverse membership includes residents of Laguna Beach and surrounding communities, spanning a wide range of ages and professions.


AAUW Supports Title IX Enforcement – See How You Can Help.

Some Background

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was the first comprehensive federal law to prohibit sex discrimination in education. It covers women and men, girls and boys, and staff and students in any educational institution or program that receives federal funds. This includes local school districts, colleges and universities, for-profit schools, career and technical education agencies, libraries, and museums.

Not Just Athletics             

AAUW-Laguna Beach Kicks Off its 51st year!

Successful Membership Mixer

    At an overflowing crowd for the kickoff of the year, scholarship winners were introduced, and several spoke about their scholarships. The UCI winner, Khanh Pham, told about the struggles of her life, and said she returned to her studies because “The time came to make my dreams come true.”  Kaleigh, the Saddleback College recipient, thanked everyone for the opportunities her award gave her.  Three winners of the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) scholarships spoke of their experiences.

left to right:  Nancy Lawrence, Co-Chair of AAUW-LB Scholarship Committee & AAUW-LB Coordinator of our Saddleback College scholarship and Barbara Hamkalo, AAUW-LB Coordinator of our UCI scholarship with 5 scholarship winners:

  • Khanh Pham, UCI
  • Jillian Broughton, NCCWSL scholarship at LCAD
  • Alexis Lanz, former NCCWSL winner from LCAD;
  • Kaleigh Shi, Saddleback College;
  • Rebecca Higginbothan, NCCWSL scholarship at Orange Coast College.

At the far right is Lesley Danziger, AAUW-LB Coordinator of the NCCWSL scholarships.  Lesley is also on the AAUW CA College/University Committee.

Read more about the individual scholarship winners on the website.  Then select “More on Scholarships” on the top of the menu bar.

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Presidents Council

Message from the Presidents Council
  The 2017-2018 AAUW-LB Board of Directors has a new structure of leadership as voted on in our bylaw changes in the spring.  We have four former presidents comprising a Presidents Council and will share responsibilities throughout the year with the help of the vice presidents.

   In addition to the four elected presidents, the Presidents Council includes Jean Brotherton and Madeleline Peterson as advisors. Nancy Miller also serves as advisor on the program committee with Madeleine Peterson, Janice Hayden, and Sue Reese.



50 Golden Years for AAUW Laguna Beach Branch

After a social time, Jean Vivrette, our branch Co-President, honored Jean Brotherton as one of the charter members of the branch 50 years ago.  Katie Haven and Elaine Bernard, other charter members, were unable to attend.
Honored guest speakers were Pat Ailgeier, Jane Niemeyer, AAUW California Vice President and Donna Lilly, AAUW College/University Partner Co-Chair