T L C - The Learning Club

Helping students achieve their potential


 “AAUW-LB’s after school tutoring program at El Morro Elementary School —
The Learning Club – resumed on January 12, 2017 with an orientation meeting
for tutors and participating teachers.

We are sad to report that one of our teachers, Cheri David, who
supervised the program along with Debbie Finnerty, is retiring at the end of
this year.  Cheri has been with the program since its inception 18 years ago
and is one of its biggest supporters.

 We are extremely grateful to Cheri and to all the tutors for volunteering their
time to help these students and we invite anyone who would like to know more
about TLC or to volunteer to contact Peggie Thomas, pegthomas@cox.net or
Barbara Antonacci, anton21@cox.net. ”