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We did it! Thanks in large part to your calls, emails, and visits, the American Health Care Act (ACHA) was stopped in its tracks. Hundreds of thousands of Americans spoke up to protect access to affordable, quality health care and Congress listened. Your advocacy made the difference!

And we’re just getting started. It’s important that Congress continue to hear from us about the issues affecting women and girls. Ready to keep up the momentum? Here are 3 more actions you can take this week:

1. Tell Congress to pass a budget that supports women and families. Budgets are an expression of values, and politicians of all parties use them to demonstrate their priorities. Last week, President Trump unveiled a plan that severely undermines the programs that most benefit women and their families. Click here to tell your members of Congress to use their power of the purse to enact a budget that does not jeopardize women’s economic security, education, and civil rights.

2. Get the word out about Equal Pay Day. On Tuesday, April 4, people across the United States will observe a national day of action to combat the gender pay gap. This date symbolizes how far into the year women on average must work to bring home what men made in 2016. The pay gap is real, it’s pernicious, and it won’t close without our advocacy. Get your community talking about the gender pay gap by submitting a letter-the-editor about Equal Pay Day now.

3. Show your support for the Equal Rights Amendment. On March 22, Nevada became the 36th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The ERA first passed Congress in 1972, and was last approved by a state—Indiana—in 1977. The amendment fell three states short of being adopted into law nationwide by Congress’ arbitrary deadline.  We’ve waited over 40 years for the ERA to be fully ratified. Tell your representative and senators you won’t wait any longer!

Yours in AAUW,

Lisa M. Maatz

Vice President of Government Relations and Advocacy

American Association of University Women