President’s Message-June 2017

Jean Vivrette – Fritz Reynoldsfor 2017-2019”

Co-President’s Message
Speaking from the heart!

Many months ago when I volunteered to help Jean Vivrette as co-president, little did I know of AAUW-LB’s many incredible projects, such as Smart Start, tutoring programs, scholarships, and the list goes on!  I wanted to go on art tours at least once a week! And the endearing friendships would knock on my front door!

   Bubbles abounded for AAUW-LB all year long! “The Big Bang” bubble was Sunday, May 7th!  For those of you that were unable to attend the 50th Anniversary Champagne and Cupcakes celebration at the Dana Point Yacht Club, it was a lovely success and afternoon.  Saying “thank you” to all who worked so hard to make this special day a success doesn’t seem enough.  The champagne celebration was the vision of 3 that turned into a world-class champagne glass with too many bubbles to count, including many friendships to last a lifetime.*

   For current and new members, this is an amazing organization of women who give so much of their time and their hearts. There is something for everyone, from educational projects, interest groups (books, poetry, art, Whine and Wine gatherings on Thursdays, etc.), and the Hoffy Tours that are fun, fantastic and a bus full of laughter with friends.

   As our year comes to a close, it will begin again with a new and exciting leadership that will lead us into 2017-2018 with new ideas, new faces to meet, and in other words, heading into our 51st year with a bang.

   A “fab’ year, as I like to say! Thank you AAUW-LB members for a job well done!  A French champagne glass filled with exquisite champagne to celebrate the royally incredible women of AAUW-LB.

   Expect the best!  You are the best!




Fritz Reynolds



* Go to the website and click on the camera icon to take you to the Photo section and see photos of the celebration in action and the video by Tom Brotherton.