Poetry Appreciation Day

Karen O’Donnell (Lorraine’s daughter), Brenda, Kas, Caryn, Jean, Nancy, Carol, Noelle, Janet, Karen, and Barbara at the home of Valerie Gorrell.

On April 6th the Poetry Appreciation interest group, led by Barbara Antonacci, met to “Remember Lorraine O’Donnell with Haiku.”  Lorraine’s daughter, Karen, was also present for this tribute. Members read their own haiku poems or selected favorites in Lorraine’s honor.  Then each wrote her own or selected haikus in a special illustrated book to be given to her daughter at the end of the day. After the reading and writing haiku selections, there was a coffee “toast” in cat cups to Lorraine, who always had a small cup of coffee at the meetings. 

Remembering Lorraine

with haiku and friends
n art-filled surrounds
sweet music and love abounds
 by Barbara Antonacci

Caryn, Kas, Jean, Karen O’Donnell, Carol, Noelle
and hostess, Valerie Gorrell, toast Lorraine.

Noelle, one chief organizers of the tribute with Valerie, ended the day by playing her guitar for a sing-along of Kumbaya, a spiritual song appealing to God to come and help those in need.

A book of Lorraine’s poems with photographs by her daughter included selections, such as these:

Lorraine , a long time member of the Poetry Interest group, was part of the Poetry Appreciation group’s project that included creating haikus and accompanying prints by AAUW-LB members. Some examples from the book came from Charter Member, Katie Haven, and Charter Member, Jean Brotherton.

Katie Haven’s haiku to her granddaughter, Katelyn

Jean Brotherton’s poem

The Poetry Appreciation Interest Group meets every two months and is open to all members. 
For information, contact Barbara Antonacci, (anton21@cox.net)