Orange Coast 2017 Scholarship

Trang Ly & Sharon Donoff

The 2017 AAUW-LB Scholarship for an Orange Coast College Returning Woman was awarded to Trang Ly, a first generation college student, majoring in Interior Design at Orange Coast College.  Trang is a member of the OCC Architecture Club and the STEM club and she founded and was the first president of the OCC Interior Design Club.  Trang’s academic progress was interrupted in high school after she was diagnosed with epilepsy.  On track to graduate with honors and to apply to university, she was briefly hospitalized as a result of her seizures.  Her parents, neither of whom speak English, attributed her illness to her academic drive and convinced her to withdraw from honors and leave school without a university placement.  However, six months out of high school, with her epilepsy controlled by medication, Trang enrolled at OCC and with a 3.9 GPA aims to transfer to CSU Long Beach to earn a BA in Interior Design.  Sharon Donoff, AAUW Laguna Beach member and former Orange Coast College Vice President awarded Trang her scholarship at OCC Honors Night.