Presidents Council

In addition to the four elected presidents, the Presidents Council includes Jean Brotherton and Madeleline Peterson as advisors. Nancy Miller also serves as advisor on the program committee with Madeleine Peterson, Janice Hayden, and Sue Reese.

   Another change to the leadership structure is that the AAUW-LB Board of Directors has the outgoing co-president, Jean Vivrette, serving as the past president on the new Board.

   To provide a stronger link between the branch and the AAUW Laguna Beach Foundation, bylaws were changed to add the director of the Foundation as a voting member of the branch board.

   These changes dramatically increase the number of people to share leadership responsibilities and to provide mentoring and shadowing for future leaders in these roles.

 For questions and comments, members should check the following schedule and contact the president for the month in question.

 Presidents Council Schedule including the Vice Presidents:

September/October             Nancy Miller with Mary Ann Schierholt

November/December         Barbara Hamkalo with Amy Jackson

January/February                Peggie Thomas with Mary Ann Schierholt

March/April                           Karen Dennis with Amy Jackson

May/June                              Madeleline Peterson with Mary Ann Schierholt
The Presidents Council is looking forward to another exciting year!

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